We are different because we provide a simple scheduling tool exclusively for girls’ feeder basketball programs in the Northwest Chicago area to schedule games.

 The offer includes an easy-to-use system that lets the Girls Feeder Basketball Program Director schedule games with other feeder programs. We do not guarantee wins, but we guarantee that they will find more games to play against other teams in their skill level. That way it’s more likely that everybody has a good time and comes out on top.

We help provide a simple scheduling tool for girls feeder programs to enter all their available gym time so other feeder programs can schedule games quickly without hassle. You don’t have to worry about playing phone tag or the email game.

We know you handle many aspects of the program but sometimes struggle with finding games that meet the skill level of your team. That’s why we have built in the ability to search games based on level. The level of the team is entered by each feeder program so you can find the games that are the best match for you.

We are not in competition with other leagues for girls feeder basketball. We are here to assist and complement the efforts of these programs. If you need to find a game for your team, we are here to help. 

We are very cost competitive to make it affordable for girls feeder basketball programs. The cost for a full year is $150.00 per team. That’s comes out to only $12.50 per month. One tournament can cost you anywhere from $175 to $350 for three games. With this platform, there is no limit placed on the number of games you can schedule.