Schedule More Games in Less Time
With Other Girls Feeder Basketball Programs

  • Feeder Basketball Connect is an online scheduling program that helps girls feeder programs in Northwest Illinois conveniently schedule games.
  • You will avoid time-consuming phone calls and emails, in which you’re trying to schedule multiple games with other feeder programs. 
  • Feeder Basketball Connect will allow you to enter in your available gym times and available dates for games. 
  • Other girls feeder program directors will see these and you can easily schedule multiple games for 6th, 7th and 8th grade teams on the dates of your choice. 
  • Many Feeder Program Directors will put together a basketball season schedule in a short time!
  • Feeder Basketball Connect provides the opportunity for program directors to schedule games to match the skill level of their teams.

If you are interested in Feeder Basketball Connect, there is a free trial period in which you can try the program to see if it will fit in with your program. Sign up for a free trial today and get 7 days to experience how Feeder Basketball Connect can make your life easier!

The program will allow you to schedule three games on one date with one other team, so you can try it out.